Why join?

6 good reasons to join your colleagues of the Professional Press and the press sites on line

  1. Share good practices

Working groups or practical workshops periodically gather operational managers around specific issues

  1. Develop your network

Presse pro is an unparalleled meeting place and inter-professional link that allows you to exchange information, advice and contacts between peers

  1. Develop brand awareness by participating in promotional events

The Professional Press Awards crown the editorial quality of your publications at an annual event that brings together more than 300 people.

Focus Presse Pro presents successful business initiatives to advertisers, advertising agencies and media agencies and publishers.

  1. Benefit from study results

whose main conclusions are made available to all but whose detailed results are reserved for members. The last one dealt with “the diversification of professional press brands”.

  1. Anticipate and progress together: the expertise of a think tank

Expert meetings allow editors to interact with leading experts.

  1. Promote the credibility of media brands in the professional press

The communication campaigns, created by Presse Pro and made available to members, raise awareness among readers and advertisers

The Pro Press Charter which guarantees that the member publications are independent, carried out by professional journalists and respectful of deontology.

The Pro Press Newsletter, which exploits the richness and strength of professional media to establish its reputation among B to B communities.